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Macmillan Lawyers and Advisors are experienced contract lawyers in Brisbane, QLD. As your contract lawyer, we collaborate with you to create, review, advise and negotiate contracts and agreements to protect your business for years to come.

Contract disputes arise when one or more of the parties to the agreement breach the promises made. At Macmillan Lawyers and Advisors, we prioritise our client's interests and work towards resolving any disputes with your interests in mind.

We can help you prepare the following types of contracts:

  • Shareholders agreements
  • Terms and conditions
  • Client services agreements
  • Employment and contractor agreements
  • Lease agreements
  • Supplier agreements
  • Service agreement
  • Loan agreements / Finance documents
  • Guarantees
  • Security agreements

Who do we help?

At Macmillan Lawyers and Advisors, we help the following types of Brisbane companies with their contracts, no matter the size or stage of their business:

  • Start-ups looking to get their business off the ground
  • Commercial businesses aiming to expand and grow
  • Small businesses focused on protecting their operations
  • Any businesses in need of contract reviews and preparation.

By choosing Macmillan Lawyers and Advisors, you can rest assured that your contracts will protect your rights and business interests. We work tirelessly to negotiate favourable contract terms for you and your company, as well as represent you in court, should you require litigation if a contractual breach occurs.

A breach of contract usually occurs when:

  • Either party fails to perform their contractual duty on time
  • The performing party fails to perform their duty to the agreed-upon standards
  • Refusal or inability to perform contractual promises
  • Failure to pay what is owed

Why Contracts Are Important

Contracts formalise legal promises and duties between different parties. By creating a contract, you give yourself a legal right to the performance of a specific duty.

Contracts give you protection and recourse to claim what is yours. This makes them not only necessary but invaluable for sizeable transactions, as non-performing parties can be held accountable for what they promised.

Contracts also play a crucial role in outlining how performance can be achieved. This includes formalising aspects like payment terms, services to be rendered, and timelines for completion of specific tasks.

It is best that you engage lawyers that specialise in contractual matters to draft, interpret, and defend your contractual rights and obligations.

Without contracts, nothing would ever get done!

Benefits of Hiring a Contract Lawyer

There is a common misconception that many people have when it comes to contract law: All you have to do is read the terms, and you’ll be set, right? Well, not exactly. Contract law is extremely complex, and contracts can be purposefully drafted in such a way as to cause confusion and bend the law (so while you may think a contract is saying one thing, it might actually mean another thing).It’s easier to miss something than you might think, especially if you don’t understand the law.

Hiring a contract lawyer will help you:

Benefits Of Hiring A Contract Lawyer
Hiring A Contract Lawyer Benefits
  • Keep contractual relationships smooth: Writing a contract that all parties are happy with isn’t always a smooth ride. Often, when individuals draw up contracts themselves, the opposite party may find terms objectionable or even offensive/one-sided. A contract lawyer will help create comprehensive contracts that will keep all parties on board and understand what the contract means.
  • Fully understand a contract: Reading a contract can be challenging. You may encounter a lot of legalese and terms that seem confusing or counterproductive. Lawyers are trained in legal interpretation and can help you gain a full and comprehensive understanding of the agreement.

Contract Law in Brisbane: FAQs

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The lawyers at Macmillan Lawyers and Advisors are here to help you with all of your contract needs. We take pride in developing true partnerships and learning about your company's operations, goals, and complexities. We take the time to listen to you in order to gain a full understanding of the situation, and then apply our legal skills and training to resolve your dispute.

We will help you find certainty in terms of your legal rights and obligations contained in the legal documents you present us and similarly, we help you draft contracts that protect your interest and have the desired effect.

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