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Whether you fly for fun or business, are starting out or are a seasoned pilot; we can give you advice so you can fly within the law and with peace of mind.


When legal backup is crucial, trust us to be your advocates. Whether you're facing investigation by the regulator, are charged with an offence, or engaged in negotiations, our expertise and unwavering support ensures that you navigate the challenges with confidence.


With a finger on the pulse and an eye in the sky, we remain across regulatory developments, and engage with the regulators to advocate for fair skies for drone pilots.

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Drone pilots

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State-owned organisations

Media organisations

Training schools

How we can help.


Drone Services Agreements.


Representation in Civil Aviation Safety Authority investigations.


Advice on the regulations.


Advice on liability, privacy, and data issues.


Advice on counter-drone measures.

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With our significant experience in commercial law and all things business, we take a big-picture approach when considering a drone law issue.

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