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As Canberra's Insolvency Lawyers, we understand the reality that many Australian business figures are now dealing with profound financial anxiety, frequently due to factors outside their influence.

These times are truly without parallel, influencing businesses in every sector and of every scale. The recent shifts have dictated the need for quick pivots, and sadly, a number of entities haven't been capable of staying afloat

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If you are in Canberra, trust in Macmillan Lawyer's experienced team of insolvency lawyers who excel in managing personal and corporate insolvencies, business reorganisation, liquidation, and bankruptcy cases. Although our firm's roots are in Brisbane, we are dedicated to extending our professional assistance for insolvency and bankruptcy issues to businesses in Canberra and its wider region.

Our devotion lies in cooperating with business leaders, offering a thorough scrutiny of your economic challenges with kindness and discernment. Principal Kyle Macmillan, with his distinguished track record in Bankruptcy and Insolvency law, stands out for his approach tailored to each client's circumstances.

In unity, we'll determine the most prudent courses of action that bear in mind the protection of you, your family circle, and your team members. Trust in us to be your consistent guide, leading you with expertise and tenderness through these arduous phases towards a more fortified future.

Our Insolvency Law Services in Canberra, ACT

Our team offers insolvency services aimed at resolving the particular financial obstacles that both individuals and corporations face. Below, we highlight the core services we offer:

  • Managing ATO Tax Debt
  • Director Advisory Services
  • Asset Protection Strategies in Canberra
  • Corporate Debt Recovery Solutions
  • Personal Insolvency Solutions
  • Responding to Creditors' Statutory Demands
  • Director Penalty Notices (DPN)
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Why Choose Macmillan Lawyers & Advisors

At Macmillan Lawyers and Advisors, our commitment is anchored in delivering the insolvency guidance necessary to redirect you towards a more stable path.

  1. Privacy Guaranteed: We grasp the importance of privacy in these instances. Our assurance is to treat your case with strict discretion, seeking to defend your public profile.
  2. Accessible Nationwide: Whether you're based in Canberra or beyond, our support is nationwide, ready to handle all aspects of corporate and personal insolvency throughout Australia.
  3. Saving Sensibly: Our foremost intention is to mitigate your financial pressure, aiming for savings where possible. We approach the insolvency process in the most budget-friendly way possible.
  4. Overcoming Stereotypes: We are conscious of the societal scrutiny that can accompany insolvency. Be confident that this circumstance is not a reflection of your true worth or abilities. We are here with you, projecting a prosperous future after this episode.
  5. Expert Navigation: We commit to delivering you precise, all-encompassing information, helping you execute decisions with confidence.

Our Triumphs and Distinctions:

  • Google Reviews: Our reliability is reiterated by our client base, with 44 top ratings on Google that speak to our devotion and expertise.
  • Associative Standing: Our engagement with the Queensland Law Society highlights our resolve for upholding professional excellence and ethics.

At Macmillan Lawyers and Advisors, we're more than just legal practitioners; we're your faithful companions, providing careful guidance on every step towards fiscal resurgence. We propose you try a service that’s attentive to your unique demands, expectations, and scenario, not only offering legal insight but also a comforting touch during this strenuous period.

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insolvency lawyer brisbane

FREE INSOLVENCY CHECK (takes 2 minutes)

🔒 Discreet and free review of your insolvency situation.

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