Why Choose Macmillan

Deep understanding of your business. Addressing challenges proactively.

We pride ourselves on building genuine relationships and becoming well-acquainted with your business's operations, ambitions, and nuances. This intimate understanding allows for rapid, tailor-made advice to reduce legal risks. Trust in Macmillan Lawyers and Advisors is to invest in clarity amidst uncertainty, gain protection against unseen threats, and ensure your business’s continuity and growth.

Why Consider Choosing Macmillan Lawyers and Advisors?


As your trusted lawyers, we work with you to identify and proactively manage hidden risks and threats that, if not addressed, may cause significant disruption or obstruct your current business operations, future plans, and strategies.


We work alongside your business and highly regard your strategies and ambitions, which can sometimes be lacking in external 'as instructed' lawyers and advisers, particularly if work is delegated to more junior staff.


The embedded nature of our strong client relationships means that your lawyer already knows you and your business well. So we can respond quickly and appropriately to your legal needs. You will always be dealing with the same person and not having to retell your story.


The more you work with us, the better prepared your business will be. By overcoming reluctance to use lawyers to care for your business's legal needs, much of the legal costs and uncertainty can be avoided, risks mitigated, and future plans fulfilled.

Risks you take by not retaining Macmillan Lawyers and Advisors:


Engaging with us proactively before challenges surface ensures you receive timely and tailored guidance. This means you avoid disputes that may have already progressed further along than it might otherwise have had you sought legal advice earlier or that your position has been prejudiced by how you handled the dispute up until that point.


By providing a personalised approach, we are able to establish a strong relationship with your business and become a trusted advisor. Creating a sense of security, knowing that your lawyer is already familiar with your business operations and future goals, which will be considered when providing legal advice and support.


Most significantly of all, you may not be protecting your business against hidden risks and threats – the ‘unknown unknowns.’ By having our lawyers work alongside your business, we work to bring clarity to confusion, certainty to the ambiguous, guidance through the unknown and representation in disputes.

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